Employment Ads

Employment Ads

NJAMHAA Seeks Administrative Director

Exciting opportunity for an energetic, multi-talented, hands-on leader who wants to make a difference
in a high-profile, productive, mission-driven trade association, and who has excellent administrative,
technical and writing skills, to join the team at the New Jersey Association of Mental Health and
Addiction Agencies, Inc. (NJAMHAA).

The Administrative Director (AD) job is a hands-on position that reports directly to the President/CEO as
a key member of senior management and focuses on contract administration, business development,
compliance, facilities, human resources and oversight of business operations.

The AD is also responsible for ensuring fulfillment of all state and other contract requirements, including
development of an annual conference that is focused on the area of information technology in the
healthcare sector. The AD oversees compliance and risk management, and drafts or makes
recommendations and reviews or engages professionals to review legal letters of agreement, contracts,
leases, etc. The AD also oversees facilities and safety and security in the workplace. With oversight and
supervision of the conference and creative team, the AD is responsible for marketing conferences and
services of the IT Project, along with the production and distribution of a technology-focused electronic

This position also supervises the Director of the IT Project and oversees all activities performed under
contract with external customers.

The AD oversees all Human Resources (HR) Administration for the staff of NJAMHAA and its subsidiary,
the New Jersey Mental Health Institute (NJMHI) and ensures that all employees comply with
NJAMHAA/NJMHI’s Policies and Procedures and takes appropriate corrective actions when needed. As
part of these HR responsibilities, the AD creates and files documentation for each staff member;
prepares performance evaluation forms and participates in all staff evaluations; contributes to the hiring
and termination process, under the direction of the President/CEO; and assures all required regulatory
employment notices are displayed as required by law.

Qualities sought:

  • Proven ability to communicate well in person and in writing
  • Ability to work as a team member and independently
  • Self-motivated
  • Supervisory skills
  • A record of rliability and excellent attendance and proactive response
  • Should be enthusiastic, flexible, customer service oriented, able to take initiative, detail oriented, very organized and able to work under tight time constraints.

    Please click here to access the ad on Indeed.com and apply.

    February 27, 2024



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