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In January 2023, NJAMHAA launched a new campaign, Diverse Faces, Partners in Care, to illustrate the value of mental health care, substance use disorder (SUD) treatment and other supportive services —such as legal services, childcare, supportive housing, supported education and supported employment — and the critical importance of the individuals who provide these essential services for New Jerseyans of all ages and backgrounds.

NJAMHAA’s recent advocacy piece, Building a Bridge to a Better Future, reinforces the need for the community behavioral system to be sufficiently funded in order to continue to serve as the safety net for New Jersey’s most vulnerable residents of all ages throughout the many systemic changes taking place and beyond. It highlights the messages we have been communicating about the transition to fee-for-service, as well as advocacy points that specifically relate to adult mental health, substance use and children’s service providers.

   One Page "Leave Behind": NJAMHAA's Current Legislative Session Priorities


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